Due to the continuous progress of information technology and communication, manufacturing is facing an era of borderless globalization.
The globalization is further accelerating, encouraging fiercer competition among companies.
TSUKUBA DIECASTING Co., Ltd. has looked further into the future, focused on geographically-advantaged Asia, and created a production network comprising six factories in and outside Japan which include two factories in Vietnam.
In recent years, in order to meet various needs from customers all over the world, we have employed the slogan, “TSUKUBA NEXT,” had each factory pursue its respective realms of expertise as well as optimize its production plans at a higher level, and been accelerating the transformation of our company to strengthen the synergy force of the TSUKUBA Group.
By using the trust and accomplishments that we have obtained and achieved for more than 60 years since its foundation in 1951, all of our employees are going to have a higher level of customer-centered philosophy than ever and make the utmost effort to pursue “quality” and “competitiveness.”

Quality Policy
We provide cutting-edge and high-quality products
that satisfy our customers.
The goal of our manufacturing processes is
to satisfy our customers.
Pursuit of technological power
and customer satisfaction
To cater to customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction,
Tsukuba engages in new technology development,
including integrated production from die-casting to coating
both in Japan and overseas (Vietnam).

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