Information & Communication Technologies have been constantly making rapid progress which invents number of new products in these fields one after another throughout the world.
The robot, once only used to be in a factory for manufacturing, have now begun to be AI built-in or used for nursing care.
We have faced the time which there are the cars equipped with automatic drive function and environmentally well considered designed on the street.
We, Tsukuba Group, consist of 4 factories in Japan, 2 in Vietnam, have adopted the slogan ”Tsukuba Next” which means pursuit of its respective realms of expertise as well as optimize its advantage for the future. And we have been engaging in integrated manufacturing system from die casting to painting of aluminum and magnesium alloy products for such as IT, electric appliances, robots, automobile components, due to satisfy various world customer’s needs which change incessantly and reflected by the time.
On the basis of the trust and accomplishments that we have obtained and achieved for more than 65 years since its foundation in 1951, we are going to reach a higher level of customer satisfaction than ever and make the utmost effort with all our strength and sincerity to meet customer’s satisfaction in quality, cost, delivery and technology.


Quality Policy
We provide cutting-edge and high-quality products
that satisfy our customers.
The goal of our manufacturing processes is
to satisfy our customers.
Pursuit of technological power
and customer satisfaction
To cater to customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction,
Tsukuba engages in new technology development,
including integrated production from die-casting to coating
both in Japan and overseas (Vietnam).

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