We offer a wide range of customized aluminum-magnesium
alloy production services and development of new production methods,
including hybrid manufacturing
(ultra-thin magnesium body with resin insert molding)


We aim to achieve the highest possible quality using our improved for aluminum alloy, a material for which there is constant demand.

1:Four-wheel truck Parts 2:Reducer Parts 3:Motorcycle Parts 4:Town gas parts
5:Communication device Parts 6:Forklift Parts 7:Copier Parts 8:Inverter Parts 9:ATM Parts


Magnesium alloy, as a symbol of the new era, leading us into the future.

1:Desktop or Laptop PC Parts 2:Camcorder Parts

We die-cast zinc alloys that can meet various needs.

List of materials that we can die-cast
Aluminum Alloys ADC-1, ADC-3, ADC-6, ADC-12, HT-1, DMS-3, DMS-5, NA-3, AL-230, ZDCM2-3
Magnesium Alloys AZ91D, MGZN955, AM60, Heat-resistant, flame retardant magnesium alloy
Zinc Alloy ZDC-1, ZDC-2, BERIC
Casting Equipment
Facilities Models Unit Total
Die-casting Machines Cold Chamber for Aluminum Die-casting 90ct - 1,000ct 41 units
Cold Chamber for Magnesium Die-casting 150ct - 1,250ct 14 units
Mechanical Processing Vertical/Horizontal/5-spindle Machining Center, CNC Tapping Center 55 units
NC/Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine, NC Lathe,
Multi-spindle Drilling Machine and Multiple-spindle Tapping Machine
25 units
Automatic Vacuum Washing and Drying System -
Chemical Conversion Treatment and Coating Chemical Conversion Treatment 700 L 16 tanks
Coating Super-spindle System 2 lines
Measuring Equipments 3D Measuring Machine 11 units
Roundness Measuring Machine, Microscopes,
Saltwater Spray Testing Machine, etc.
business clients
In Japan: Alpine Electronics, Inc. / Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd. / TECH CO., LTD. / Canon Inc. Group / Denso Wave Incorporated / FANUC Corporation / FUJITSU LIMITED / Hitachi, Ltd. Group / Japan Radio Co., Ltd. Group / Keihin Corporation / MIKUNI Corporation Group / NEC Corporation Group / NHK MEC Corporation / Nikon Corporation / Panasonic Corporation Group / Ricoh Company, Ltd. / SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION / SMC Corporation / Sony Corporation Group / YAMABIKO Corporation etc... (Alphabetical order)
Overseas: HONDA VIETNAM CO., LTD. / Nikon Corporation / PANASONIC CORPORATION / PENTAX VN CO., Ltd. / SONY CORPORATION / Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. / TOA VIETNAM CO., LTD. / TOYOTA L&F / YAMAHA MOTOR VIETNAM CO., LTD. etc... (Alphabetical order)

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