Employment information

Message from the President

Exploring new potentials in die-casting, making such potential into concrete form with unparalleled die-casting technologies.

We remain unchanged in our quest to take on the challenge and the unchanging theme.
Technological innovations are progressing in great speed. New products and services emerge in rapid succession. In order to maintain a clear view of the times amid the changes taking place in mind-boggling speed, we need at all times the foresight to see what lies one step ahead. At TSUKUBA DIECASTING, every one of its employees is responsible for developing technologies of the future. Each employee is required to be constantly aware of what lies ahead, in search of "more" and "farther ahead" and refusing to achieve satisfaction in the status quo.
What is necessary for this is that each employee think and act with self-reliance. We are in the business where potential can expand, because of the uninterrupted string of challenges that lie ahead of us. I am excited to see people rising to prominence with forward-looking drive and ambition.

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